Stacie Santoro, Author


What a smashing debut!

Joyffree 5 stars
Stacie Santoro has just taken everything we know about heaven and Hell - Angels and the Fallen - and smashed it to bits. More

Good v. Evil, Sex, Power. True Blood Times 100

Tristan W. 5 stars

First of all, it flips the narrative. Who controls the strings of the Devil? His bad ass sister, that's who! CAN'T WAIT for Journal Two!!!! More

GREAT READ! 5 thumbs up

Jennifer M 5 stars

Loved this story! Took a chance on this book and was NOT disappointed. This is the type of book you can’t put down. Unique story line that keeps you captivated...and wanting more. Can’t wait for the next Journal! More


Julia Red Hatter Book Blog 5 stars

I am so in love with Vahla and her world! I want to shout from the rooftops to read this incredible, unique, original read. Stacie Santoro just knocked me into a huge book hangover. I need more Vahla. More Gabriel. More Lucifer. More Abhitha. Basically just more. I need more. More


Momma Becky 4 stars
Crude, but crazy fun!  It's full of snark and wit, which is always a plus for me. It's also completely over the top, but given the premise, it just works. This one is a refreshing take on the devil and what she's capable of. More

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Brigid D 4 stars

Laugh-out-loud funny, amazingly witty, and powerfully snarky. I can’t wait for the next journal and more of Vahla’s awesome life. More